• Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Laundering
  • Leather & Suede Cleaning/Treatment
  • Wedding Gowns & Special Appliqué Garment Care
  • Drapery Cleaning
  • Repairs & Alterations
  • Uniform Service
  • Smoke, Water & Mould Damage Restoration
  • Pick Up & Delivery Service

Our 5 Step Process

  1. Garment Prep – Garments are thoroughly inspected noting any stains and minor repairs then tagged.   (*Button or ornamental protection/removal if required).
  2. Cleaning – Our skillfully trained staff will then determine the best method in processing each garment – dry or wet cleaning or laundering using the finest technology and eco friendly soaps.
  3. Pressing – Experienced pressers individually finish and inspect your garment.
  4. Minor Repairs – Our experienced tailors/seamstresses attend to loose, broken and or missing buttons, loose hems and open seams.
  5. Final Inspection/Packaging – Every garment is inspected one final time to ensure that it is at its very best before being packaged and returned to its owner.

Fabrics range in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. At Platis Cleaners, we feel that there is no one specific way to care for your personal garments. Here are the three ways in which we do so:

Wet Cleaning – To understand the process of professional wet cleaning, it is important to know the basics of fine garment care. Wet cleaning any garment requires four elements to be present: water, detergent, agitation and heat. A balance of these four elements create the optimum cleaning environment, one that neither shrinks, stretches, fades or alters the garment. Low levels of water, biodegradable soaps and conditioners are used to lift dirt out of the garment and revitalize the fabric. These garments are gently agitated just enough to extract the dirt and grime but not alter the structure, size or color. In turn you’ll keep the clothes you love so much, that much longer!

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning – Not all fabrics do well in water as they may swell the fibres and cause shrinkage. We gently clean your garments with an environmentally friendly solvent unlike traditional cleaning methods that utilize chemicals such as perchloroethylene (PERC). So there is no risk to our health, our air, our water or clothing we wear. Best of all it’s absolutely odourless.

Laundering – is a cleaning process that uses high levels of water, biodegradable soap and agitation for cleaning your clothes.

Repairs and Alterations – Platis Cleaners offers full alteration services. Visit a location nearest you and our tailor will adjust your garments to ensure a perfect custom fit.

Leather & Suede Treatment – Platis Cleaners has established relationships with some of the most experienced leather and suede cleaners in Toronto. We outsource all our leather and suede cleaning as it’s a specialized sector of the garment care industry involving steam cleaning, ultra high temperature washing and re-dyeing.

Smoke, Water & Mould Restoration – Platis Cleaners has been working directly with homeowners and insurance adjusters since 1985 restoring garments, drapery, area rugs and other personal belongings damaged by smoke, water or mold. We have a dedicated ozone room and proprietary wet cleaning methods for effective restoration of damaged items as simple washing and dry cleaning can’t achieve.

 Pick Up & Delivery Service – Let us provide you with an easy and effective solution that helps you utilize your time in a more productive manner.